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Teen Author Speaks Out On 'Gift Of Asperger Syndrome'
July 29, 2003

LONDON, ENGLAND--Fourteen-year-old Luke Jackson wants others to know that his Asperger syndrome is not only a part of who he is, it is a gift.

Jackson has published two user guides for young people with autism. He also talks at conferences and has appeared on television "just to let everyone know that people with autism in any shape or form are just as entitled to be themselves as anyone else in the world."

"I don't know what 'normal' is, but I know that people like me are the minority, not the majority. So that, in our society, is what constitutes 'abnormal' (rather insulting I would say!)," he wrote in a piece published Tuesday by the BBC News.

"Until I was about nine years old, I thought everybody else was weird. Maybe I was right!"

"If others would take time to stop and get to know us then they would see that we have a lot to offer."

"Yes, we may get angry and frustrated at the world (particularly our parents!), but that is a natural reaction to feeling like an outsider all of our lives and being misunderstood."

"All in all, to all AS people and everyone reading this, always remember that 'different is cool!'"

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