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Adults Move Out Of Parents' Homes Following Wait-List Suit
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
July 17, 2003

NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS--After decades of waiting -- and a landmark lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts -- some adults with developmental disabilities are finally moving out of their parents' homes and into their own places.

Advocates filed the "Boulet" class action lawsuit, named for the last name of one of the families listed on the suit, to force the state to provide community-based services for the 2,400 people languishing on the Department of Mental Retardation's waiting list, according to the Needham Times.

Frieda David and Barbara Lauricella, who have been friends for 16 years, are two people benefiting from the lawsuit. The pair has moved into a new group home together.

"It is fun to live [together]," David said. "And I let Barbara come in my room and watch TV whenever she wants."

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