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Trend Toward Individualized Living Has Group Home Supporters Worried
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
July 9, 2003

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA--During the decades-long transition from large institutions to smaller group homes, those who held a stake in the old institution model have repeatedly voiced their concerns that such facilities would be phased out.

Now, as more people are choosing independent or supported living, some of those who hold a stake in group homes are voicing concerns that their programs may be phased out.

It's already happening, according to a story in the Indianapolis Star.

In Indiana, about 150 group homes have closed in recent years as people have chosen more individualized options and the state has de-emphasized the use of "sheltered" programs.

The state currently serves about 3,600 people with developmental disabilities in 530 group homes. At the same time, the number of people being served in individualized supported living situations has grown to about 5,000.

"These people wanted their own places to live," said Susan Rinne, executive director of Options For Better Living.

"Instead of a person coming to the services in a group home, the services can come to you in your own home."

Some parents don't like the trend away from group homes, and resent the waiver that allows federal funding of independent living situations.


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