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Son Talks After 19-Year Coma
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
July 9, 2003

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS--During the 19 years since their son, Terry, had an auto accident that left him in a coma, Jerry and Angilee Wallis say there were times they thought it would have been best that he had not survived.

"It has crossed my mind several times, probably," said Angilee.

Jerry agreed. "I thought it might have been best . . . for him, not for me."

But they continued to hold hope for his improvement.

Last month, their patience paid off.

On June 12, Terry looked directly at his parents -- and started talking.

"He just said, 'Mom,'" Angilee said. "I like to fell over."

"I said, 'Terry, what can you say?' He said, 'Anything I want.'"

Terry's family is now trying to help him catch up with what has happened since 1984.

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