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County's Schools Try Inclusion
June 16, 2003

DELANCO, NEW JERSEY--Monday morning's Burlington County Times ran a story about the county's inclusion project, which was started in 1998.

The article explains nicely the difference between inclusive education and mainstreaming, gives some ideas on how inclusion can happen, and discusses the benefits that students with and without disabilities benefit from an inclusive environment.

"Slowly, we are thinking now about including more students," said Barbara Gantwerk, director of the state Office of Special Education Programs. "We are finding ways to bring services to the regular class, rather than bring the students to the services."

The only drawback to the article I found was the statement, made by a supervisor with the Burlington County Superintendent of Schools Office, that some children "will never be included."

Entire article:
"Schools try inclusion for special-education students" (Burlington County Times)


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