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Two Women At Center Of Florida Abortion Controversy
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
May 23, 2003

MIAMI & ORLANDO, FLORIDA--The cases of these two unnamed Florida women -- one in Miami, the other in Orlando -- are so very similar.

Each is described as having mental retardation and a seizure disorder.

Each was raped an unknown number of times.

Each is about 6 months pregnant as a result.

Both are at the center of controversy over whether the women should undergo abortions.

On Friday, a judge authorized an abortion for the 28-year-old woman in Miami, who is deaf and uses some sign language. Her mother, who is also her guardian, had asked that the procedure be done over concerns that her daughter's life could be at risk if she tries to carry the pregnancy to full term. Doctors told the judge that the fetus appeared to be developing normally and there was no medical reason to terminate the pregnancy early.

The judge also authorized doctors to perform a tubal ligation so the woman will not become pregnant again, and to keep a sample of the fetus' DNA so that police might be able to identify the rapist.

The 22-year-old Orlando woman does not have a guardian and does not talk. Officials at the Department of Children & Families had asked a judge to appoint one guardian for the woman and one for the fetus, but withdrew the request, citing a ruling in a 1989 Florida Supreme Court case.

Governor Jeb Bush, who openly opposes abortions, has now overruled DCF and ordered lawyers to seek a guardian for the fetus.

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