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Institution Supporters Plan To Use Crime Bill To Keep Facilities Open
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
March 26, 2003

DAYTON, OHIO--Like so many states, the developmental disabilities services system in Ohio has three significant problems:
1) not enough money,
2) too many people are housed in the state's 12 large, segregated institutions, here called "developmental centers", and
3) people with developmental disabilities are often victims of abuse and neglect.

Earlier this year, Governor Taft proposed closing two institutions and moving the people to other facilities and into homes in the community. It's a budget-cutting measure that would help with the first two problems.

The Senate is hoping to address the third problem with a measure that would improve reporting of, and investigations into, abuse and neglect claims. Senate Bill 4 would also make service providers report employee actions that create "substantial risk" of harm even when there was no actual injury.

Now, parents who support keeping all state-run institutions open want lawmakers to tack onto Senate Bill 4 an amendment that would keep all of the institutions open.

If they are successful in adding the amendment, Gov. Taft would no doubt be forced to veto the entire measure.

The editorial in Wednesday's Dayton Daily News blasted the pro-institution supporters -- including lawmakers -- calling their action "unconscionable".

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