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Teen Leaves School Over Harassment From Students
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
February 19, 2003

DENVER, COLORADO--Earlier this month, 13-year-old Lacey Henderson transferred from Hill Middle School because she feared for her safety, the Denver Post reported.

Lacey, whose right leg was amputated four years ago due to cancer, has been the object of bullying and harassment by a group of school mates during the three years she attended Hill. Most recently, the harassment has escalated to name-calling, along with verbal and written threats on an Internet Website. Chewing gum and saliva has been left on her locker handle. Dissected frogs have been left in her backpack.

"You can take it for so long," said Lacey, who believes some of the suspected culprits -- a group of 8 to 10 girls -- are capable of violence. "You just can't let it go."

Lacey's mother said she believes the school has done all it could.

A spokesman for Denver Public Schools said: "We are aware of these allegations, and we will pursue all information that comes forward."


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