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Persistence Led To Sister's Release From Institution
February 3, 2003

ALBANY, NEW YORK--When Sharon Trop got out of Rome Developmental Center, an institution housing hundreds of people with developmental disabilities, in the 1970s she told incredible stories of how she was mistreated by the staff.

She also talked of getting her sister out of the facility and away from its horrors. She kept repeating that she wanted to get Cindy out of "the bad place".

For a long time nobody believed that she had a sister, let alone one in the same institution.

But Sharon didn't give up.

Finally, a friend convinced state officials to investigate the facility's records.

Sure enough, her little sister Cindy had been housed for years in the same institution, but in a unit separate from where Sharon had been.

Sharon and her supporters helped get Cindy out of the facility and into a home in the community.

Now the sisters spend a lot of time together and phone each other often.

Sharon has wedding plans for this coming summer.

The only detail she and her fiancée know for sure is that Cindy will be in the wedding party.

Entire article:
"Sisterhood proves stronger than walls of state institution" (Albany Times Union)


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