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Crime Victim Panel Gives Recommendations
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
January 7, 2003

COLUMBUS, OHIO--A governor-appointed task force looking into how to protect crime victims with developmental disabilities has issued its recommendations, according to the Associated Press.

The 17-member panel recommended allowing such victims to testify on videotape, instead of making them deal with the fear or intimidation of testifying in open court. The task force also recommended that probate judges, law enforcement officials and prosecutors work together to reduce stress on victims.

The report, which was submitted to Governor Bob Taft's office on Friday, noted that people with developmental disabilities are between four and ten times more likely to become crime victims than the rest of the population. For sexual assaults, the risk is 11 times higher.

Taft commended the group and will review its suggestions in the next few weeks, a spokesman said.


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