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Employers Use Health And Safety Excuses To Discriminate Against Workers With Disabilities
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
December 9, 2002

LONDON, ENGLAND--The Trades Union Congress (TUC), a coalition of 70 member unions, reported this week that employers in the United Kingdom discriminate against workers with disabilities despite measures to protect them.

Companies are refusing to hire such workers, claiming that they present health and safety risks, in violation of the Disability Discrimination Act.

TUC found that workers who use wheelchairs were refused jobs because employers believed they would not be able to evacuate buildings in emergency situations or could "get in the way" of colleagues trying to escape.

Owen Tudor from the TUC told the BBC: "We've got examples of people who have been told by their employers that they are the problem that they are the safety hazard."

"Very often employers are looking for the problem and not for the solution," he said.

Safety should not be a barrier to disabled workers (Trades Union Congress)


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