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Home Builders Are Smart To Think "Visitability"
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
October 3, 2002
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND--Home builders in Scotland are beginning to think in terms of "visitability", that is, designing homes so that people who use wheelchairs or may have other disabilities can visit without having to deal with physical barriers.

The main reason for the new interest in visitability is the upcoming Disability Discrimination Act, which will require accessible features in commercial buildings.

Some builders are starting to recognize that building homes with accessibility in mind just makes sense -- such homes will be at a higher demand as the population ages.

"What should be remembered is that we are not designing houses - or ground floors of houses - for disabled people to live in but to make them accessible to visitors with disabilities," Richard Allan, a technical specialist, told the Scotsman.

Get in at entry level (The Scotsman)


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