Reducing the Risk:

School Connections Make a Difference
in the Lives of Youth

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American adolescents School stand a better chance of avoiding risky behavior
when they experience and express strong Schoolconnections to their school.

Add Health researchers measured many aspects of the school environment. Is it a public or private school? Are the classes large or small? What proportion of the students go on to college? How many of the teachers have advanced training? What proportion of parents participate in a parent-teacher organization? what are the school's drop-out rates and rates of absenteeism? What policies does the school have governing violence, cigarette use, or drugs?

Students' feelings of connectedness to school were measured by a series of questions that asked whether students feel that their teachers treat them fairly, feel close to people at school, and feel a part of the school. Students were also asked if they think students attending the school are prejudiced.

Cover PageIntroduction Family Connections School Connections Individual Characteristics