Reducing the Risk:

Individual Characteristics Make a Difference
in the Lives of Youth

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The Add Health research team examined individual factors believed to be generally important for health and well being. They measured how adolescents view themselves: their self-esteem, whether they look older or younger than others their age, and whether they expect to survive to age 35.

They examined whether the young people participate in religious activities and view themselves as religious.

Adolescents' experience with romantic relationships was examined to measure whether adolescents had romantic feelings for or were involved in a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex.

Questions were asked about key indicators of the adolescent's achievement in school - - - grade point average and repeating a grade - - - as well as information about the adolescent's current involvement in work for pay. The research team also examined characteristics that they believed would be important for understanding the adolescent's risk of specific behaviors or health outcomes; for example, having been a witness to violence, or having pledged to remain a virgin until marriage.

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