Supporting Minnesotans with ASD to Get Jobs in Technology Fields

DEED Resources

Positively Minnesota -- Department of Employment and Economic Development

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has a wealth of information about jobs, the labor market, salary surveys, and a variety of online tools to assist all people in finding careers. The following links will take you to this array of resources including national sources.

Job Vacancy Survey
Minnesota Salary Survey
Employment Outlook
Employment Outlook Tool
Employment and Wages (QCEW)
Salary Survey Tool (MN)
Quarterly Workforce Indicators
Occupation in Demand

iSEEK makes it easier for Minnesotans to research, organize, and understand successful pathways to the
hottest careers, best education, and perfect jobs.
Education and Employment
Clusters of Jobs
Careers in Demand
Career Profiles
Match Skills to Careers
Online Assessments
Find Courses
Find Educational Programs
America’s Career InfoNet
O*NET Occupational Information
U.S. DOL Occupational Outlook

Top 10 Actions for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Specific actions and resources to help VRS staff help individuals with autism spectrum disorder find the best jobs with the right accommodations, and careers in the digital age.