Supporting Minnesotans with ASD to Get Jobs in Technology Fields

Employment and Autism

Employment outcomes for individuals with ASD have traditionally been poor. Finding the right position begins with discovering the interests and skills of the person; assessing the learning style and the work environment. The Autism Society of Minnesota concluded that since people with ASD have difficulties with social cognition and sensory processing, they initially need a more formalized network of support, structured teaching of tasks, ample time to learn the job, and accommodations for sensory differences.


Computer Camps in Minnesota

Technology camps are designed for beginners to advanced learners. These camps offer customized instruction as well as social time. Students with ASD should be supported to attend a computer camp that includes students without disabilities. Here is a sample of computer camps available in Minnesota.

Computer Camp

High Schools

Businesses hire people with college degrees, paid work experience, and certifications. In order to be hired in the traditional way, individuals on the autism spectrum must attend high schools that will prepare them for college. Here is a sample of schools that will assist individuals on the spectrum to prepare for college. The Perpich Center for Arts Education makes the following promise: If a student is admitted to the Perpich Center for Arts Education the school is committed to assuring the student will go onto college and into a career.

High School

Minnesota Colleges

Businesses hire people with college degrees, paid work experiences, and additional certifications. In reviewing college programs in Minnesota the following schools prepare students for careers in the technology and digital media fields. College Autism Spectrum is an independent organization of professional located in St. Paul. They are dedicated to assisting students with ASD explore and navigate college options.

MN College

DEED Resources

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has a wealth of information about jobs, the labor market, salary surveys, and a variety of online tools to assist all people in finding careers. The following links will take you to this array of resources including national sources.

Positively Minnesota

AUSM on Facebook The Autism Society of Minnesota has set up a Facebook account to address concerns,
and provide advice and insight regarding employment issues to individuals on the autism spectrum.