The Digital Economy
    and why people on the autism spectrum must be included

California Creates

The challenge of digital literacy for all individuals is how to expand the quality and possibilities of sharing, discovering, applying information, growing skills and being engaged with communities.

"We are at a crossroad. A place in space and time that requires new new thinking, new vision and a new direction in the digital world."
      William Bronston, MD*

California Creates

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For more information about California's examination of this issue: Digital Literacy Pathways Report

*William Bronston, MD: Physician-Advocate for people with cognitive and developmental disabilities, Dr Bill Bronston played an important role in exposing the horrible conditions at Willowbrook State School in New York. He had a twenty-eight year career as Medical Director and Consultant for the State of California, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Most recently Dr. Bronston founded Tower of Youth and hosts digital media competitions for students.