Meet Minnesotans Seeking Employment

Meet some Minnesotans with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are seeking employment. We call them the WOW People because they have unbelievable skills, unique talents and will add a special innovation to businesses that hire them.

You can help find employment opportunities for our WOW people. Do you know of a business that needs people with outstanding skills in technology and digital arts? Vocational Rehabilitation can assist in placement of people with ASD. Contact your local workforce center and ask for Vocational Rehabilitation. Ask them about WOW people!


All Hands On Deck is a biennial Policy Advisory of the Governor's Workforce Development Council (GWDC). The most recent Policy Advisory, issued on November 18, 2010, contains two recommendations for Expanding Work Opportunities for Minnesotans with Disabilities. These recommendations were prepared by an Employment Workgroup of the GWDC.

The Human Phone Book:

Phone Book

"My parents do not use a phone book, they ask me."

The Human GPS:

GPS Screen"I have memorized all the streets, just ask me for directions."

The Human Quality Check System:

Order Form"I can find errors in ordering and billing."

The Language Guide:

Language Guide"I have taught myself four languages."

The IT Support Person:

IT Support"I can purchase computers and set up systems."

The Gamer:

Game Controller"I can find errors in video games."