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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a manufactured (mobile) home owner and my park owner is charging me a fee of $12. Is this legitimate? Where can I learn more?

    In 2007, the state of Minnesota established the Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund to provide manufactured (mobile) home owners with reasonable relocation compensation in the event that all or part of their park closes. This central state fund is administered by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. The state of Minnesota bills park owners up front and then allow them to collect the $12 afterwards either as a single annual amount or $1 along with monthly lot rent.

  • Why was the Trust Fund created?

    The Trust Fund was established by the Minnesota Legislature in response to the risk of park closings. Prior to its adoption, park residents were not guaranteed compensation for relocation costs unless their city passed a local ordinance. Since only 22 cities had passed such ordinances, over 100,000 residents in 400 cities remained unprotected. Now every manufactured home owner in the state is eligible for compensation.

  • Do I have to pay the $12 annual fee?

    Yes. Your park owner pays for your lot up front and if the payment is not made to the park owner by the home owner when due, under the law the home owner could potentially be sued and made to pay the fee AND the park owners court costs. By law, you must pay the fee.

  • Why am I paying the park owner $12?

    The park owner already paid the fee up front and may collect it from residents. The program will provide the home owner with compensation for relocation costs in the event of a park closure.

  • Can I send the money directly to the State of MN?

    No. The park owner is invoiced for all licensed lots in their park by the state. They then have the option of collecting from the residents.

  • Does the park owner pay anything in to the Trust Fund?

    Yes. A park owner who closes a park is responsible for paying up to $3,250 for each single wide and $6,000 for each double wide at the time of the closing.

  • Under what circumstances is compensation available through the Trust Fund? How do I make a request?

    In the event of a park closure, the local municipality will appoint a neutral third party approved by the home owners and the park owner. To file a compensation claim, the home owner submits a copy of the closure statement and proof that the property taxes are paid. If the home can be moved, the homeowner also provides a contract for moving costs. If the home cannot be moved the home owner provides a certificate of title with releases on all liens. Upon approval by the neutral party, the Mn Housing Finance Agency issues payment to the home movers or the home owner as appropriate.

  • What are the benefits of the Trust Fund?

    Manufactured home owners are guaranteed reasonable compensation for relocation costs. If you live in one of the 22 cities that have ordinances, you may be entitled to receive a higher level of compensation. Otherwise, if the home can be moved, the compensation is moving costs up to $4,000 for a single section home and up to $8,000 for a multi-section home. If the home cannot be moved within a 25-mile radius, the compensation is the value of the home up to $5,000 for a single section home and up to $9,000 for a multi-section home.

  • If my city has a local ordinance providing for relocation compensation, do I still have to pay the annual fee?

    Yes. If a manufactured home owner resides in a community that, prior to August 1, 2007, adopted a local ordinance covering relocation or buyout payments, the home owner can receive the higher of the local ordinance compensation amount or the state law compensation amount. However, the home owner is still required to pay the annual fee.

  • How do I pay and report interest for the housing trust fund account?

    Pay the interest, less reasonable transaction costs, computed in accordance with the financial institution's standard accounting practice, at least quarterly, to the commissioner of management and budget and send a statement to the commissioner of management and budget showing the name of the broker for whom the payment is made, the rate of interest applied, the amount of service charges deducted, and the account balance for the period in which the report is made.

    There isn’t a standard form for the statement.  It can be done in any format as long as it meets the requirements stated above.

    The payment and statement can be send to:

    Housing Trust Fund Lockbox
    PO BOX 64052
    Saint Paul, MN  55164-0052