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About MMB

Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) is responsible for managing state finances, payroll and human resources, and providing systems for daily business operations and information access and analysis.  We are a central service agency, serving the governor, the legislature, over 100 state government entities, over 50,000 state employees, and most importantly, the people of Minnesota.

Our mission:  We manage state government’s financial, workforce and information resources to support effective and efficient services for Minnesotans.
MMB is comprised of six divisions: Accounting Services, Budget Services, Enterprise Human Resources, Labor Relations, Management Services, and Treasury.

MMB has about 250 employees.

About the Commissioner

Divisions of Minnesota Management & Budget

  • Accounting Services

    Accounting Services provides financial management systems and services that support state operations in the areas of accounting, payroll, and financial reporting.  This activity provides functional support for the accounting and payroll modules of the statewide administrative systems.  In addition, Accounting Services provides direction and support at a statewide level to help agencies meet their financial transaction and information needs.  This includes establishing policies to ensure the necessary internal controls are in place to safeguard assets and to comply with appropriate financial principles, policies, and legal requirements.

    The Accounting Services Division is led by Assistant Commissioner Cindy Farrell.

  • Budget Services

    Budget Services seeks to ensure that objective and relevant fiscal information is readily available for decision makers throughout the year, but especially when budget decisions are being made. Budget Services promotes sound fiscal policy in decision-making and a statewide view in the management of state resources. The primary customers for Budget Services are the governor, state agencies, the legislature and citizens.

    The Budget Services Division is led by Assistant Commissioner & State Budget Director Margaret Kelly.

  • Enterprise Human Resources

    Enterprise Human Resources (EHR) delivers innovative and strategic human resources (HR) solutions through our agency partners that align with business needs and contribute to the delivery of exceptional public services by state employees.  EHR promotes sound HR policy in decision-making and a statewide view in the management of human resources.  Our primary customers are state government managers, supervisors, and HR staff.  In addition, the Enterprise Learning, Development, and Talent Strategy unit provides training opportunities in multiple disciplines for state agencies and employees.

    The Enterprise Human Resources Division is led by Assistant Commissioner Ann O'Brien.

  • Labor Relations

    The Labor Relations Division represents the executive branch in its role as the employer in the collective bargaining framework established by the Public Employees Labor Relations Act.  This program seeks to promote a harmonious and productive relationship with the unions of state employees while balancing the needs of management to provide efficient and accountable government services.  The primary customers of this division are agency management, human resources offices, unions, and state employees.

    The Labor Relations Division is led by Assistant Commissioner Marcy Cordes.

  • Management Services

    The Management Services Division provides leadership and operational support to the department.  These activities include administrative and technical support, human resources, fiscal services, communications, agency strategic direction and leadership through the commissioner’s office.  In addition, the Economic Analysis unit, the Internal Control and Accountability (ICA) unit, the Management Analysis and Development (MAD) unit, and the Statewide Employee Group Insurance Plan (SEGIP), are valuable members of the division.

    • Economic Analysis prepares periodic forecasts of state revenues and provides information on the performance of the state’s economy and the general economic outlook.
    • ICA promotes effective internal controls throughout state government.
    • MAD is the state’s management consulting organization.  They offer a wide range of consulting services to all state and other public sector organizations.
    • SEGIP provides benefits to state employees, retirees, and dependents in all three branches of state government.  These benefits include health, dental, life, long and short-term disability, long-term care coverage, and pre-tax accounts.

    The Management Services Division is led by Deputy Commissioner Eric Hallstrom.

  • Treasury

    The Treasury Division is responsible for debt management, capital budget implementation, establishing debt policy, forecasting debt capacity, and for the actual sale of state general obligation bonds that are used to finance the costs of the State's capital projects.  The work of this division ensures efficient and effective use of state resources and prudent financial management.  Treasury works closely with the governor, the legislature, state agencies, local governments, and the public.

    The Treasury Division is led by Assistant Commissioner Kristin Hanson.