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Workforce Planning

A healthy and productive organization needs to make sure that its employees and business goals are in alignment. This alignment does not happen automatically; it needs to be planned for and cultivated. Planning for future employment needs is one of the greatest challenges facing state government.

Diagram of the four phases of Workforce Planning.


Four Phases of Workforce Planning 

Scanning for Understanding- Where is the organization now and where is it headed in the future?  How will future business plans impact the workforce?

Analyze and Interpret- What does the current workforce look like? Where are areas of workforce risk?  What gaps may prevent us from reaching future business goals? What skills are still needed?
Action and Implementation- What workforce strategies will help the organization achieve its goals? Will internal talent needs be met by internal development, external hires, or by using other strategies?

Evaluate and Monitor - Is the plan working?  Is the plan producing needed talent? Are business goals being met?