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Identify High Impact Functions

Through workforce planning efforts, functions that need to be considered for succession planning will be identified.  Referring to the Impact and Vacancy Risk Map (Word version) and (PDF version) , an organization can prioritize the high impact/high vacancy functions (shown in red) as an immediate starting point for succession.  However, positions in the boxes that demonstrate either a high impact level or a high vacancy level must also be planned for (shown in yellow).  

Succession planning is not replacement planning, so when high impact staff begins to leave the workforce, the organization has an opportunity to review each role to determine whether or not it will best meet the organizations future goals and objectives. For each role the following practices may be used to review and re-design job functions.
  • Complete a job analysis for the position to determine which functions, responsibilities and duties will be a part of the position.
  • Identify competencies needed for the position.