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Create a Plan

Bringing organizational strategies to life is the next step of the process.  An action plan will address the following questions regarding each strategy: 

  • Who should take action? 
  • What action should be taken? 
  • When should the action be taken?
  • Where should the action be taken?
  • Why should the action be taken?
  • How will the action be taken?

Five Steps of Action Planning

  1. Begin by listing priorities (for example, if building is the priority, an organization may want to create a development program for all high potential staff).
  2. List all actions that will need to be taken for each priority.
  3. Assign responsibility for each action.
  4. Determine where each action will take place.
  5. Create a time-line which dictates when each action step must be completed.

Communicating the Process

This process may be a change to the organization.  Because of this, it is important for leadership to be sensitive about the need to communicate this plan to staff early and often.  Sharing the rationale for the program will help the whole organization understand the urgency of succession. 

Learn more about Kotter's Model of Change by either looking at the Word version or PDF version of the change model.

(Source: Rothwell, Effective Succession Planning, 1994)