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IA Warehouse 11g Install Notes

This document describes the Oracle Client Software Installation program distributed by Information Access for connection to the IA Warehouse. The installation adds and configures Oracle Client Networking Software including an updated Oracle ODBC Driver.

Obtain Oracle 11g Software via FTP:

Installation Instructions:

Go to C:\temp and right click the zip file that you downloaded,, then click ‘Extract All…’ to unpack the installation files.

If you don't have a zip tool Microsoft may open a zip file Extraction Wizard to assist in unpacking the installation files. Follow the prompts in the extraction wizard. *You should be unzipping to C:\temp only.

If you have a third party zip tool it may place a folder at the end of C:\temp named: iaw (i.e.: C:\temp\iaw) as the folder to unzip to. Remove the portion after C:\temp.

Open that folder and double click on Setup.exe

The readme file displays on screen then automatically minimizes after a short delay. This file can be saved for review in more detail at a later time.

A DOS screen (Oracle Universal Installer Working) shows the installation process and closes when finished. This may take a few minutes.

A series of message boxes shows both the SQLNET and TNSNAMES configuration files that are being built as well as the StartMenu shortcuts.

Click OK when completed.

Note: The IA Password Change application is automatically installed with this package. (Start > All Programs > Information Access > IA Password Change)

Verify Connectivity

Agency technical staff may test connectivity through the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

Launch C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, the ODBC Data Source Administrator (ODBC) > click on System DSN tab > double click IA_Warehouse > in Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration box click Test Connection > a login box appears.


Enter the test login id and password provided by the MMB Technical Services Unit.

Connection successful box should appear if all is correct.

Password = "Please contact the SWIFT Help Desk to request a user ID at""

If you are implementing a new firewall or making changes to an existing firewall be aware that the IA Data Warehouse requires that traffic be allowed through port 1521.


Installing the 11g client may cause Resumix to fail. In order for Resumix to properly function you must make the following changes:

Locate the SQLNET.ORA file stored in the C:\ORA11gw\Home\NETWORK\ADMIN folder. open the file with Notepad and locate the line that reads: SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_CLIENT=REQUIRED. Change the value REQUIRED to ACCEPTED to allow Resumix to work with the Oracle 11g client software.

The following entry must be made to the SQLNET.ORA file to allow Resumix to work:

names.default_domain = world

The following entry must be made to the TNSNAMES.ORA file to allow Resumix to work: =






(PORT = 1521)







Depending on your environment, after making these changes, you may need to re-install Resumix. For help with Resumix, contact Kelly Germain at 651-259-3616.

Application Support

The README file contains more detailed information on products installed with this package. If you need to make additional changes to your tnsnames.ora file and are running Windows 7 you may need to contact your LAN administrator for assistance.

For application or technical support, please contact the SWIFT Help Desk at and request a support ticket be created.

Updated 03/07/2016