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Women Veterans Program


The mission of the Minnesota Women Veterans Program is to ensure women Veterans have equitable access to federal and state benefits and services. We respond to the gender specific needs of women Veterans and ensure that women Veterans are treated with dignity and respect. Our outreach events are geared to improve the awareness of available benefits, services, and eligibility criteria for the women who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Women's Health Centers

The primary mission of the Center for Women Veterans is to review VA programs and services for women Veterans, and assure that women Veterans receive benefits and services on a par with male Veterans, encounter no discrimination in their attempt to access them, and are treated with the respect, dignity, and understanding by VA service providers. Read more about the Center for Women Veterans.

Women’s Mental Health Center 

The Women’s Mental Health Center was created in recognition of women Veterans and their right for gender-sensitive, high quality mental health care. The Center's mission, to promote the psychological well-being of women Veterans, is advanced via provision of individual and group therapy, and delivery of psycho educational classes and seminars developed in response to the unique needs of the women we serve.

More than a decade ago, the federal U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs opened the National Women's Trauma Recovery Program (WTRP) as part of the National Center for PTSD at Menlo Park, Calf. The WTRP, designed to treat women Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), is the first residential program of its kind and is open to women across the country. Many of the women who are referred to the program were sexually assaulted during their military service and suffer what is now referred to as Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Read more about the Women’s Trauma Recover Program (WTRP).

Women Veterans Organizations