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MACV and the 21st Annual StandDown

Posted on July 30, 2013 at 3:00 PM
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Taylor Stephens

MACV StandDown

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) helps positively motivated Veterans and their families who are affected by homelessness or in danger of becoming homeless. MACV accomplishes its mission by providing services directly or in collaboration with other service agencies. MACV coordinates these services through their three regional offices in Minneapolis, Duluth, and Mankato. Their structured assistance program assists Veterans to once again become productive members of society while also learning that their service is greatly appreciated by all. More than 25,000 Veterans seek assistance from MACV each year. Some Veterans have trouble re-integrating into society once they come back from war, so MACV is there to assist them in doing just that. Their programs are set up to meet the needs for chemical dependency treatment, mental health treatment, crisis intervention during emotional or physical distress, life skills training, educational services, family support services, transportation, money management training, re-establishment of social skills, training to increase basic life skills, and skills to obtain and retain permanent housing.

MACV provides clean, safe housing for homeless Veterans and their families while they are receiving their supportive services. The program maintains 13 structured transitional housing environments (11 Structured Independent Living homes and two transitional housing facilities), as well as 22 units of permanent housing. MACV’s transitional programs help Veterans find permanent housing which they maintain on their own by coordinating needed services for them like food vouchers, mortgage and rental assistance, skills training, health care, job search assistance, chemical dependency treatment and sobriety aftercare.

MACV hosts StandDown events which are a one to two day event in which homeless and underserved Veterans can come to a “base-like” atmosphere and learn about the services and benefits they have earned.  The purpose is to introduce ALL Veterans to the programs and services that they need to address whatever difficulty they are facing and get all the help in one place from multiple agencies. At StandDowns, Veterans can find housing and employment assistance, hot meals, medical and dental care, legal assistance, and drug and alcohol abuse counseling.

Nathaniel Saltz, Program Director for MACV said “The StandDowns are a time where homeless Veterans can come out of the combat operation that is living on the streets and in shelters and can connect with service providers in a place that is welcoming, respectful, and exists to honor Veterans and their service.”

MACV hosts several StandDown events across the state each year. The Metro area StandDown is a two day event being held August 6 &7 at the Boy Scout Base Camp at Fort Snelling. The Duluth area StandDowns are one day events and are being held August 22 in Virginia, August 23 in Duluth, September 25 in Bemidji, and September 26 in Grand Rapids. The Mankato area StandDowns are also one day events as well and are being held in Marshall on October 8 and in Mankato on November 12.

Visit the MACV website for more information on their services and the StandDown program.

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