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Desk of the Commissioner - July

Posted on July 01, 2013 at 8:30 AM
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Commissioner ShellitoWith the legislative session over and summer weather arriving, the activities in the office have been much quieter . . . still busy . . . but quieter!!

The end of the budget year of the biennium is complete and has kept us focused . . . not only on what was completed but also in preparation for the bonding cycle. Key activities include working with State and Federal leadership on the future of our Veterans Homes in Minnesota as well as positioning the Department for the future in the areas of technology, personnel, and, most importantly, better ways to meet the needs of Minnesota Veterans.

The MDVA has launched our new website – We have received a lot of positive feedback and our goal remains to have our website be a gateway for you to receive the information and resources you need. Your comments are encouraged, and we’re continually striving to find ways to better serve Minnesota Veterans and their families.

Finally . . . as the Veterans Service Organizations’ state conventions are wrapping up, we are as always, seeking your input on things that would make life easier for Minnesota Veterans. I believe we have made great progress to date, yet without your active involvement in thanking,  guiding,  and supporting your representatives, we risk falling back into that abyss known as ‘apathy’ and indifference. Veterans are proven leaders and therefore it is only fair to expect Veterans and Veterans Service Organizations to lead the way in achieving the local, state, and even national objectives. Leadership has been defined as ‘the ability to get things done, through other people.’ And, it has also been said that ‘People support those who support them!’ Let us all work together and get it done!

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