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Minnesota County Veterans Service Officers

Posted on June 05, 2013 at 3:00 PM
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Have you tapped into your personal cornucopia of Veteran federal benefits? These are benefits that you’ve earned for your military service.

Your Minnesota County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) is the first person you should contact to find out if you or your family is qualified for local, state and federal Veterans' benefits. CVSOs work with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Service Organizations to make sure you get all the Veteran benefits you are eligible for.
“We act as an advocate on the behalf of the Veteran and assist in the application process for State and Federal benefits,” said Duane Brownie, County Veterans Service Officer and President of the Minnesota Association of County Veterans Service Officers. Brownie also said CVSO’s will submit the correct paperwork to establish, increase, or maintain proven benefits or disabilities for Veterans.

Brownie said Veterans can locate their CVSO’s by looking through the directory on the Minnesota Association for County Veterans Service Officers’ website, looking in the telephone book under county government in the Veteran services section or simply Google CVSO services. 

“Minnesotan Veterans and families are blessed to have a CVSO in every county to help our Veterans  continue their fight for federal benefits within the government,” said Brownie. He said if there was an attempt to regionalize the CVSOs, they would be missing out on local opportunities with non-profit agencies and older Veterans would have to travel long distances to meet with a CVSO.

CVSOs in Minnesota serve a very important mission and Veterans who haven’t visited with their CVSOs are encouraged to do so now. Less than 30 percent of the approximately 370,000 Veterans in Minnesota receive some form of federal assistance. This figure puts into perspective the number of Veterans who potentially are not receiving the benefits they have earned and are entitled to. 

“Minnesota CVSO’s are among the best in the nation. They are well trained, professional and understand how to navigate the complex VA system. They are the experts for all things Veteran in their respective communities. Without them, many of our state's Veterans and family members would not obtain the benefits and entitlements they have earned,” said Reggie Worlds, MDVA Deputy Commissioner of Program and Services.
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