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Desk of the Commissioner - June

Posted on June 05, 2013 at 8:36 AM
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Commissioner Shellito.jpgThis month I will focus on the “Thank You’s” that are past due to our Veteran Leadership across the great state of Minnesota!

First…to all those who worked hard to insure that Memorial Day was focused on its true purpose… honoring our fallen heroes. The ceremonies, media interactions, and expressions of our caring and honor were focused on the day’s true meaning. Thank you for your hard work and detailed planning.

Second…I want to thank our Commanders’ Task Force for their leadership this past legislative session. Collectively the Commanders forged a solid legislative agenda; monitored it consistently; and in the final hours worked both within and outside our agency to insure their goals were properly vetted, with the key goal of seeing the completion of the Minneapolis Veterans Home properly funded.

Like a well planned military campaign, the Commanders’ Task Force made certain the proper people were in the proper place, at the proper time for maximum impact. Granted, we did not get everything we sought, but we did accomplish key goals. More importantly, many experienced the benefits of a united effort with a common focus. They were awesome and revealed the power of the “sleeping giant.” Thank you!!!

Third…to all who have taken part in the “Ride for Healing!” Thank you also! As a Vietnam Veteran I felt (as I always had) a special pride in my service. The “Ride for Healing” is a signature event that marks the beginning of the thirteen year remembrance of the War in Vietnam. These next years will mark the 50th Anniversary.

And last…to all Veterans, support the Veterans Service Organizations; promote the contributions Veterans make to their community; help your legislators make the “right” decisions; and support those who care for and support our comrades-in-arms. I also thank our legislators and Governor Dayton for “sticking with us” in keeping our Minneapolis Veterans Home alive and successful.

Larry Shellito
Commissioner, MDVA
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