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"Hire Minnesota's Veterans" Campaign Wins Big

Posted on April 03, 2013 at 9:15 AM
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Hire Minnesota Veterans BillboardThe Minnesota National Guard and the Interagency Working Group was recognized as the “Best of Show” by the Minnesota chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.   As judged by industry peers, “Hire Minnesota’s Veterans” has been officially designated at the most effective communication campaign of any entity in Minnesota in 2012, whether a government organization, national company, local business or public relations firm.

This professional honor is shared with the Veterans Community. First and foremost, the great Citizen-Soldiers of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, who were showcased in this effort. Interagency partners included the Employment Resource Team, media partners, the Minnesota National Guard Deployment Cycle Support team, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development – and more -- were essential in achieving this award.

Hire Minnesota’s Veterans Campaign also earned first place in three other Public
Relations Society of America categories:

a.   “2012 Best Institutional Program in Minnesota”

b.  “2012 Best Public Service Campaign in Minnesota”

c.  “2012 Best Industry Campaign in Minnesota.”

About Hire Minnesota’s Veterans Campaign:

After increasing levels of unemployment among post-9/11 Veterans, the Minnesota National Guard organized the Hire Minnesota’s Veterans campaign to help today’s Veterans translate and polish their skills and link them with employers. Through this program the Guard and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development initiated a military-focused Interagency Employment Working Group to create a three-step process for Veterans and employers that consolidated existing programs and bridged gaps with new resources. A pilot unit with the 1st Brigade Combat Team dropped from 19 percent to 1.3 percent unemployment as a result of this campaign, while more than 20 million impressions on Veteran employment publicized benefits of hiring Veterans.

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