Poster Contest Archive

Take a Closer Look at what Minnesota's Youth has to Say about Human Rights in Our Society Today

Since 2006, The Human Rights Collaborative has Held an Annual Poster Contest. This contest has engaged Minnesota youth to think about a particular human rights topic, discuss the topic with their peers, teachers and parents, and finally depict in artform what they think the issue means to them personally, and how it effects communities close and far.

The thoughtfullness and talent displayed in these posters is remarkable. Take a closer look at what Minnesota's youth has to say about human rights in our society today.

Poster Contest is sponsored by the Human Rights Collaborative

The Collaborative includes: the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Tolerance Minnesota (2006-2009), Advocating Change Together (ACT), the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center, The Advocates for Human Rights, and the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions.

Special thanks to Radio Disney for its participation in 2009 and 2010 contests.