Your Rights in Housing

Prohibited Practices in Housing

Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, housing is a protected area, and it is illegal to treat you differently in housing because of your: race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, public assistance, sexual orientation, or familial status.

With limited exceptions, the following actions constitute a violation of the Human Rights Act in housing when, because of your protected class status:

Property owners and managing agents, financial institutions with real property interest, real estate brokers:

  • Deny loans or offering less favorable terms and conditions to applicants
  • Refuse to rent an apartment
  • Refuse to make necessary repairs to a rental unit
  • Refuse to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability
  • Evict a tenant

Significant Exemptions

  1. Respondents that may be exempt under one or more circumstances include the following:
    1. Non-profit organization that rents rooms in a residence home, with respect to sex.
    2. Resident owner of a rental unit in the accommodation to another person(s) with respect to sex, marital status, public assistance, sexual orientation, or disability.
    3. Resident owner of a rental unit in a dwelling with no more than two units, with respect to sexual orientation.
    4. Resident owner occupied building containing four or fewer dwelling units or housing for elderly persons, with respect to familial status.
  2. Local, state, or federal restrictions regarding the maximum number of people allowed to occupy a dwelling shall not be disregarded in favor familial status discrimination.

More Information

Fact Sheet (PDF)

What to Do

Contact us... do not wait! You have one year from the time the discrimination happened to file a charge with our agency.