Your Rights in Education

Prohibited Practices in Education

Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, education is a protected area, and it is illegal to treat you differently in education because of your: race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, public assistance, age, sexual orientation.

With limited exceptions, the following actions constitute a violation the Human Rights Act in education when, because of your protected class status, public or private institutions including but not limited to an academy, college, elementary or secondary school, extension courses, kindergarten, nursery school, business school, and professional school:

  • Refuse to select for admission or provide education to certain individuals
  • Deny the person the full utilization and benefit of an educational institution
  • Refuse to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability
  • Exclude, discipline or expel certain individuals

Exceptions as permitted by rules of the Department

Creating and using unfair admission forms or inquiries that elicits or attempts to elicit information, or to make or keep a record concerning the race, color, national origin, sex, age, or marital status of a person seeking admission.

Unless the information is collected for purposes of evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment, admissions, and other educational policies, and is maintained separately from the application.

Significant Exemptions in Education

Respondents that may be exempt under one or more circumstances include the following:

  1. Religious or denominational institutions that limit admission or give preference to applicants of the same religion.
  2. Educational institutions in which students of only one sex are permitted to enroll.
  3. Institution or public service that maintains or sponsors separate male and female athletic teams.

More Information

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What To Do

Contact us, do not wait! You have one year from the time the discrimination happened to file a charge with our agency.