Your Rights in Business

Prohibited Practices in Business

Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, business is a protected area, and it is illegal to treat you differently in business because of your: race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation.

With limited exceptions, the following actions constitute a violation the Human Rights Act in business when, because of your protected class status,

Businesses or corporations:

Intentionally refuse to do business with, refuse to contract with or otherwise discriminate in the basic terms of a contract because of a person's membership in a protected class.

Refuse to do business with or provide a service to a female based on her use of her current or former surname.

Impose, as a condition of doing business with or providing a service to a female, that she use her current surname rather then her former surname.

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What To Do

Contact us, do not wait! You have one year from the time the discrimination happened to file a charge with our agency.