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Biennium Report

click to download pdfThe Minnesota Department of Human Rights' Biennium Report reflects the work that Commissioner Lindsey and his staff have proactively educated, conciliated and conferenced to keep Minnesota free of discrimination and prepare state government and business for changing demographics.

Semi-Annual Report to the Legislature

reportsTwice a year the Minnesota Department of Human Rights submits its semi-annual report to the legislature summarizing the results of its investigation and resolution of human rights complaints. Read the Rights Blog, “MDHR Makes Dramatic Progress in Completing Investigations and Reducing Backlog of Older Cases,” that highlights the legislative report issued in July 2015.

Case Summaries in Enforcement

click to download pdf

Recent Cases in which MDHR has found Probable Cause (PDF, 631 KB).



Case Studies

Read about discrimination cases handled by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

Article & Case History Archive

In this archive you will find articles and case histories, Case of the Month and excerpts from The Rights Forum.

Human Rights Videos

Find videos on Minnesota's same-sex marriage law, the prevention of school bullying, criminal background checks, allophilia and more.

Video Message

Video message from Commissioner Kevin Lindsey on the new same-sex marriage law.

Commissioner Lindsey

Find more human rights videos here on criminal background checks, mistakes employers make, weight bias and more.

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