Minnesota Olmstead Sub-Cabinet Committee: MDHR Plan

Olmstead Agency Plan – Minnesota Department of Human Rights (Draft)

Outcomes and Impact

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights' mission is to eliminate discrimination and empower every person with the ability to enjoy all of the aspects of society.

Description of Overall Plans to Reduce or Eliminate Barriers

Employment – Goal: People will have competitive, meaningful and sustained employment in the most integrated setting.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) will provide technical assistance to:

  • Employers and State Contractors to avoid human resource practices that have a disparate impact on individuals with disabilities.
    • State contractors about their obligations under Minnesota law such as contacting DEED to obtain referrals of qualified individuals with disabilities: Minn. Rule 5000.3557.
    • Employers about the benefits of hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce.
    • MDHR will attempt to generate support for the Department having authority to establish hiring goals for individuals with disabilities on state contracts.
  • At the federal level, there is a proposed seven percent workforce participation goal for people with disabilities. View the proposed rule and comments online. Currently, the 7 percent workforce participation rate is a benchmark or an "aspirational goal."
    • MDHR will collaborate with administrative agencies through the Diversity & Inclusion Council to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities within state government.

Supports and Services – Goal: People with disabilities of all ages will experience meaningful, inclusive, and integrated lives in their communities, supported by an array of services and supports appropriate to their needs and that they choose. MDHR will:

  • Examine its charge filing process to ensure that there are no barriers for individuals with disabilities. MDHR will remove any barriers to its charge filing process that are identified.
  • Collaborate with the Diversity Education Task Force to reduce barriers and maximize opportunities for individuals with disabilities within education.
  • Collaborate with the Minnesota Housing Finance Interagency Task Force to eliminate homelessness by reduce barriers and maximize opportunities to stable housing options.
  • Provide staff training to guide investigators to deal with people with multi-faceted disabilities.
  • Create a Department desk book to guide investigators through each phase of the investigation.
  • Explore ways to offer video conferencing to the deaf and hard-of-hearing beyond TTY.