Credit History Video Program: Mailbag

Can Employers Require "English Only" Policies?

A supervisor worries his employees are talking about him—in Spanish. Can he mandate English-only?

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Short Clips

  • Human Rights Quick Tip: Don't Wait to File

    If you file sooner rather than later, your case will be easier to investigate. And, under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, you must file within one year. (2:10 min)

  • Rights You Don't Have: Freedom from Nepotism

    Your employer can't treat someone else more favorably than you—if the reason is race, gender, or another protected characeristic. But showing favoratism to a family member is not illegal under the Human Rights Act. (2:21 min)

  • Case History: Born-Again Christian Harassed

    When he complained about religious harassment, his supervisor allegedly taunted, "Hey, why don’t you go work for God, not for me." (2:51 min)

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