By Rights... Answers to Your Human Rights Questions

Column Archive

Each column contains answers to two or more human rights questions.

Column 32

  • Harassment of student regarded as gay
  • COLA denied for nonunion workers
  • Does employee need letter from physician?
  • Sexual comments and whistleblower law
  • Abusive employer just yells louder
  • Is requiring applicant to list all jobs age discrimination?
  • Can condo bylaws keep out kids?

Column 31

  • What determines one's disability status?
  • Who pays when an employer requires a physical?
  • Failure to accommodate reprisal?
  • Can you be fired for taking time off work to look for daycare?
  • Must employer grant a leave of absence for chemical dependency treatment?
  • Is it illegal to discriminate against a person of a lower "rank?"
  • Fired because of a disability?
  • Does boss's yelling constitute discrimination?

Column 30

  • Can a landlord refuse to rent an apartment because of age?
  • Can my boss refuse to let me take a vacation?
  • Can an employer jokingly threaten to fire someone?
  • Can a medical center require employees to be vaccinated?
  • Can employees be required to sign in and out for restroom breaks?
  • Fired for taking down a cartoon? What are employee's rights?
  • Must assisted living facilities provide accessible automatic doors?

Column 29

  • Can Previous Employers Still Give You a Bad Reference?
  • Can Employer Require Hmong Employees to Speak English Only?
  • Must Employer Provide Pregnant Employee with "Light Duty"?
  • Must Company Provide Separate Facilities for Newly-Hired Women on Construction Crew?
  • Can Fast-Food Restaurant Fire My Daughter for "Rolling Her Eyes"?
  • Can They Fire My Kids Because They're Firing Me?
  • Can My College Force Me to Live On-Campus?
  • How Long Can I Wait To File a Civil Suit?

Column 28

  • Can an Employer Dictate Female Skirt Length?
  • Do Employees Charging Sexual Harassment Have a Right to Know What Action Was Taken?

Column 27

  • Are Cost of Living Raises Required?
  • Can You Be Paid Less Because Your Spouse Works for the Same Place?
  • Must City Accommodate a Pregnant Police Officer?

Column 26

  • Drug-Free Workplaces Polices: What's Legal
  • Did Pregnancy Lead To Job Loss?
  • Discrimination Defined

Column 25

  • Must Full-Time Employees Get Paid Breaks?
  • College Student Seeks Disability Accommodation

Column 24

  • A Hostile Environment for Pregnant Co-worker?
  • Criminal Conviction Jeopardizes Job Search
  • Gender Slur Still Makes Co-worker Uncomfortable

Column 23

  • Can My Boss Make Me Work Seven Days a Week?
  • Can An Employer Read Your Email?
  • How Many Can Live in a One-Bedroom Apartment?

Column 22

  • Can Uncle Cut Pregnant Niece's Wages?
  • When Can a Landlord Evict Your "Guests"?
  • Is Boss "Playing Favorites" or Discriminating?

Column 21

  • Employer Dress Code Conflicts with Job Applicant's Religion
  • Landlord Seeks to ID Tenants
  • Nursing Mom Wants to Know Her Rights

Column 20

  • Are Prayer Sessions Permissible in the Workplace?
  • What Can I Do about a Rude Co-Worker?

Column 19

  • A Felony Conviction Gets Employee Fired
  • Can "Cost-of-living" Increases be Conditioned on "Merit"?
  • When Can a Landlord Raise the Rent?

Column 18

  • Can I Quit and Intolerable Job and Collect "Unemployment?
  • Drug Bust Gets Innocent Roommate Evicted
  • Can an Employer Require Workers to Speak English Only?

Column 17

  • Co-worker "Goes Ballistic" Hotel Worker
  • Sexually Harassed by Guest
  • Green Card Required to File Discrimination Claim?

Column 16

  • A Mother's Right to Nurse at Work
  • Lack of Seniority Leads to "Unfair" Treatment?

Column 15

  • Sexual Harassment on the Job
  • Termination Follows Transplant Procedure

Column 14

  • How Landlords Must Reasonably Accommodate Tenants

Column 13

  • Must an Employer Follow its Own Handbook?
  • Belated Background Check Leads to Termination

Column 12

  • Can SPAM Victim File a Discrimination Charge?
  • Boss Gives Favored Female Special Treatment
  • Back Problems lead to Dismissal

Column 11

  • Overbearing Manager Too Much to Bear
  • Tenant Feels "Powerless" in Problem Apartment
  • Time Limits for Filing a Discrimination Charge

Column 10

  • A Cafeteria Owner's Proposition
  • Suicidal Thoughts Lead to Dismissal
  • Older Worker Faces Tough Schedule

Column 9

  • Does a Boy Have a Right to Wear a Skirt to School?
  • Can You be Fired for Expressing Your Opinions?

Column 8

  • Child Support, Discrimination and the Courts
  • Background Check Leads to Unemployment
  • When Not to Ask When Checking References

Column 7

  • Are You Entitled to a Truthful Reason for Termination?
  • What to Do When a Teacher Won't Take a Disability Seriously
  • Is it Discrimination When Someone Else Gets Preferential Treatment?

Column 6

  • Can You File a Charge Because Someone Else Was Sexually Harassed?
  • When Everybody Else Knows You're About to be Fired
  • Policies on Prayer in the Workplace

Column 5

  • Must a Landlord Accommodate a Tenant's Disabled Guest?
  • Are "Waitress Wanted" Ads Illegal?
  • Speaking Up for Gays Gets an Employee the "Cold Shoulder" From His Boss

Column 4

  • A Boss's Unwelcome Comments About Asians
  • An Employer Fires Back About a "Ridiculous" Discrimination Charge
  • Can One be Discriminated Against for Being "Too Beautiful?"

Column 3

  • Housing Discrimination and Unmarried Couples
  • An Intern Worries About a Boss's Friendly Offer
  • Can an Employer Require Workers to Speak "English-only?"

Column 2

  • Prohibiting "Offensive" Magazines in the Workplace -- Equal Standards for His and Hers?
  • Renting Out a Room -- When can a Landlord Discriminate?
  • Lying About Your Health on a Job Application

Column 1

  • When an Office Romance goes Sour -- What's an Employer to Do?
  • Can a Landlord say, "too many Kids..."
  • Must an Employer Hire a Woman Who is Seven Months Pregnant?
  • A 14-Year-Old wonders About Age Discrimination
  • Is a Supervisor Making "Illegal Use of Hands?"