Projects Monitored

Contract Compliance Rating of Large State Projects

Because of the impact large state construction projects can have on employment opportunities in Minnesota, every month we post the rating we have assigned to the contractor for the projects we are responsible for monitoring. We define a large construction project as a project that will likely require more than 10,000 labor hours to complete.

Project Audit

When we audit the efforts of a contractor, we evaluate whether the contractor is:

  • Maintaining a discrimination free work environment
  • Actively recruiting, promoting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Implementing its identified strategies to create a diverse workforce
  • Regularly evaluating its human resource efforts
  • Meeting or exceeding workforce hiring goals set by the Commissioner

Workforce goals are set by the Commissioner of Human Rights for women and minorities for each county in Minnesota. Workforce goals for women and minorities are based on the total available labor hours for the project.

For more information on how the Department audits state contractors, visit Minn. Stat. 363A.36 and Minn. Admin. Rule 5000.3200-3600.

MDHR Large Construction Project Rating System

  • TN – The project was started within the last 90 days and is too new to evaluate.
  • 1 - Contractor has implemented good faith efforts and is on track to meet or exceed workforce participation goals.
  • 2 - Contractor is addressing minor issues identified by MDHR.
  • 3 - Contractor is responding to deficiency letter sent by MDHR.
  • 4 - Contractor is implementing a revised work plan to resolve deficiencies in the contractor’s workforce inclusion efforts.
  • 5 - MDHR has initiated steps to suspend or revoke the contractor’s certificate.
Projects Monitored
Contractor Name Project Details Grade Project Dates: Start / End
Aldridge/Collisys Joint Venture Hennepin & Ramsey Counties - CCLRT Systems 2 6/2011
AP Midwest, LLC, Adolfdon & Peterson Hennepin County - MN Veterans Home Remodel B16 & B17 2 10/2012
AP Midwest, LLC, Adolfdon & Peterson Ramsey County - Parking Ramp, Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul, Minnesota TN 5/2014
Breitbach Construction Co. Morrison County - Education Complex Addition at Camp Ripley 3 8/2013
Donlar Construction Company Ramsey County - Overhaul Base Facility Renovations and Addition TN 10/2014
Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. Anoka County - Coon Rapids Dam Rehabilitation 3 4/2013
Enebek Construction Co. Hennepin County – Flying Cloud Landfill Waste Consolidation & Closure Project at Flying Cloud Landfill, Eden Prairie 2 5/2013
Harris Contracting Co. Ramsey County - MWWTP Solids Improvement 3 8/2012
JE Dunn Construction Ramsey County - State Capitol Dome 2 6/2010
JE Dunn Construction Ramsey County - Interior Repairs, Restoration and Preservation, State Capitol Bidg 1 9/2013
Jorgenson Construction, Inc. Hennepin County - MnDOT Plymouth Truck Station at 2315 Fernbrook Lane, Plymouth, Minnesota, for Mn/DOT 3 11/2013
Knutson Construction Olmstead County – Mn/DOT District 6 Rochester Headquarters Remodel TN


Kraus-Anderson Contruction Company Beltrami County - Memorial and Decker Renovation (Construction), Bemidji State University TN 8/2014
Lametti & Sons, Inc. Hennepin County - L32 FM (69UI) River Crossing/Meters M22IC and M22ID 2 7/2013
Lametti & Sons, Inc. Burnsville Interceptor Improvements 3 11/2013
Lametti & Sons, Inc. Hennepin County - 1-MN-344 Interceptor Rehabilitation TN 6/2014
M.A. Mortenson Company Hennepin County – New Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium TN 11/2013
M.A. Mortenson Company Ramsey County – Capitol Campus Parking Facilities - Lot F and Lot L, St. Paul TN 3/2014
Michels Corporation Hennepin County - 1-MN-341 Interceptor Rehabilitation TN 4/2014
Michels Corporation Hennepin County - Trenchless Phase 3 Interceptor Rehabilitation TN 7/2014
Minger Construction, Inc. Hennepin County - 1-GV-461 Relief Forcemain 3 5/2013
Minger Construction, Inc. Hennepin County - HSI Contract F - St. Louis Park Forcemain TN 4/2014
Minger Construction, Inc. Hennepin County – 1-MN-342 Interceptor Reconstruction TN 3/2014 11/2014
Morcon Construction, Inc. Washington County – Oak Park Heights Correctional Facility, Upgrade Security Systems 2 2/2013
Premier Electrical Company Ramsey County – System-Wide Arc Flash Mitigation Project, located in all 7 Counties TN 4/2014
Rice Lake Contracting, Inc. Hennepin County - MAI - L38/West Maintenance Facility TN 9/2014
Rice Lake Contracting, Inc. Ramsey County - Metro Trailer Holding Bldg Renovation; Metro MCC Room HVAC Rehabilitation; Metro F&I No. 1 Building Demolition & Double Barrel Phase 2; Elevator Upgrade At Metro, RMF & Seneca; Metro Water System Improvements 2 9/2013
Sheehy Construction Co. Hennepin County – Terminal 1 – Lindbergh FIS Facility Expansion - Bid Package #1, MSP International Airport 3 8/2013
S.R. Weidema, Inc. Hennepin County - Excelsior Area Improvements, Interceptor 7017 – Phase 2 TN


S.R. Weidema, Inc. Hennepin County - Excelsior Area Improvements, Interceptor 7017 3 6/2013
Veit Companies St. Louis County - St. Louis River Restoration - Radio Tower Bay at Radio Tower Bay, near Gary/New Duluth, MN, for the Department of Natural Resouces TN