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Margot Imdieke Cross, Accessibility Specialist

Business phone: 651 297-2020
Previous Topic: Disability Awareness & Accessibility Management

Margo Imdieke CrossMargo Imdieke Cross has been with the Minnesota State Council on Disability for over 20 years and has held the position of Accessibility Specialist since 1987. In this capacity, Ms. Cross, a licensed access specialist, provides information/referral and technical assistant to architects, law makers, individuals with disabilities, and the general public on state and federal access requirements, disability parking, housing access, transportation access and civil rights issues.

Ms. Cross works closely with the pubic and other agencies to ensure ADA compliance in regard to both physical and programmatic access. Ms. Cross also trains audiences on disability awareness, state and federal access requirements, the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the emergency evacuation of people with disabilities.

Ms. Cross has served on a number of boards and councils. Most notably, Margot served as a Minneapolis Civil Rights Commissioner for 11 years, served on the board of directors of Access Press for 7 years and currently chairs the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities. Ms. Cross was also the first recipient of the Charile Smith Community Award.

The Minnesota State Council on Disability is the comprehensive disability resource for law makers, agencies, non-profits, businesses and individuals with disabilities.