Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance Services

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) ensures that businesses seeking state contracts are in compliance with equal opportunity requirements, and issues certificates of compliance to those businesses that have an affirmative action plan approved by the Commissioner of Human Rights.

Construction Projects Monitored

man in hard hat In 1985, state law established that the Commissioner of Human Rights issue goals and timetables for minority and female utilization in state funded construction projects. Construction projects monitored by the department are listed here. The hiring goals for the greater metro area and Twin Cities were updated on April 4, 2012, to more accurately reflect Minnesota's increasing diversity. Find FAQ about the updated goals here.

Affirmative Action Plans and Certificates of Compliance

affirmative action plansCertificates of compliance are issued to businesses which have an affirmative action plan approved by the MDHR Commissioner. Use the resources in this section to develop a successful plan. Answers to frequently asked questions about affirmative action plans and certificates of compliance can be found here.

Forms & Worksheets

mouse and keyboardForms and worksheets such as affirmative action plan worksheets, compliance and construction report forms and bids and proposals forms are available here.