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For Immediate Release: FEBRUARY 19, 2014

MDHR ends year by reducing backlog, closing oldest cases

MDHR closes 76 more cases than were opened to continue its work to reduce its backlog

ST. PAUL, MN – MDHR made significant progress in reducing its backlog of older cases during the last six-months of 2013 through its efficiency in investigating charges and by targeting its oldest cases for investigation during the time period.

In the last six months, the Department closed 76 more cases than it opened and averaged closing 68 cases a month. This is the second consecutive reporting period in which the Department closed more cases than it opened. In addition, MDHR closed 270 of its oldest cases over 365 days old.

"For two consecutive reporting periods, we have closed more cases than we opened," said Commissioner Kevin Lindsey. "Additionally, we strategically reduced the Department oldest cases. Progress takes time. Consistent, steady progress to reduce the backlog will result in the Department reaching its goal of completing all cases within one year."

As of December 31, there were 732 cases pending determination. This is a 10 percent decrease from the previous reporting period. MDHR closed 409 cases and 333 new charges were filed. The Department reduced its inventory of cases over 365 days by 9%. There were 143 cases over a year old as of December 31, 2013. While progress was made on the backlog, the Department must continue to make progress.

The period saw 13.21% of determinations or resolution of cases result in a favorable outcome for the claimant. The Department closed 26 cases (6.36%) with a probable cause determination, 22 cases (5.38%) were closed before a determination was issued and in 6 cases (1.47%) the
Department was able to reach a settlement agreement. The Department closed 325 cases (79.46%) with a no probable cause determination, 20 cases (4.89%) were dismissed by the Department, and 10 cases (2.44%) were withdrawn by the charging party. The average time to reach a determination or resolution of a case was 387 days. This represents a decrease of 39 days from the prior reporting time period.

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