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Sarah Dornink
Executive Director, Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council
Phone: (612) 624 - 6249

ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 6, 2016) - Minnesota is again offering an Agricultural Education Summer Internship as part of a State Teach Ag Results (STAR) program initiative, which is coordinated by the Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council (MAELC) within the state.   Eight students majoring in Agricultural Education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and South Dakota State University with the intent to teach in Minnesota have been selected and paired with current agriculture teachers for the summer.

MAELC is pleased to work with the following interns and their supervising teachers this summer:

Intern Supervising Teacher High School
Winona Johnson (UMN) Ms. Becky Haddad Glencoe-Silver Lake
Morgan Krause (UMN) Ms. Mary Hoffmann Sleepy Eye
Maggie Larson (UMN) Mr. Eric Sawatzke Dassel-Cokato
Rachel Moe (SDSU) Mr. Tim Uhlenkamp Sibley-East
Kassandra Niska (SDSU) Mr. Brian Boomgaarden Pipestone
Ellen Sheehan (UMN) Ms. Stephanie Wohlhuter Martin County West
Brandon Thurk (UMN) Mr. T.J. Brown Springfield
Breanna Vogel (SDSU) Ms. Stacy Fritz Chatfield
Paul Aarsvold, agriculture teacher at Plainview-Elgin-Millville, will be managing the internship.

The internship will last 10 weeks, running from June 6-August 12, 2016.   One week will be spent at the Minnesota Association of Agricultural Educators (MAAE) summer conference, providing opportunities for professional development and networking.   The culmination of the internship will be the Agricultural Education Summer Immersion Camp, where interns will assist with student learning activities for the camp attendees.

The purpose of the Agricultural Education Summer Internship is to spark an interest in current undergraduate students to consider entering the teaching profession, and to provide Agricultural Education students hands-on experience as an agriculture teacher.   A 2015 Summer Intern stated, "In completing this internship, I have learned that being an agricultural educator is a very difficult yet very rewarding career choice, and I feel that in being able to experience it firsthand has made me realize that I have chosen the correct career for myself and my family."

All aspects of the three-circle educational model will be covered during the internship, including classroom instruction, FFA, and experiential learning. Some of the activities include working with FFA chapter officers and members, assisting students at a local community event/activity, and completing Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) visits.

This internship was made possible by generous donations from AgriBank and MAELC, along with additional support from a STAR grant, AgCentric, and the Southern Minnesota Center of Agriculture.

About MAELC – Established in 1997 by the Minnesota Legislature, MAELC is comprised of seventeen educators, legislators, government officials, and agribusiness and community organization representatives.   The Council represents all of the major institutions and groups in Minnesota with an interest in agricultural education and serves as a focal point for initiatives to improve agricultural education in the state.

About AgriBank – AgriBank is one of the largest banks within the national Farm Credit System, with nearly $100 billion in total assets.   Under the Farm Credit System's cooperative structure, AgriBank is primarily owned by 17 affiliated Farm Credit Associations.  The AgriBank District covers America's Midwest, a 15-state area stretching from Wyoming to Ohio and Minnesota to Arkansas.   With about half of the nation's cropland located in the AgriBank District and nearly 100 years of experience, the Bank and its Association owners have significant expertise in providing financial products and services for rural communities and agriculture.   For more information, please visit www.agribank.com.