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Legal Topics: Wills and Probate

Statutes and Rules: (Additional statutes, regulations & opinions may apply to your specific situation.)

  • Minnesota Statutes, index topics: Descent and Distribution, Wills and Probate.
  • General Rules of Practice Title V, Probate Rules.
  • Resources, Minnesota: (Print resources are available at the Law Library and in county law libraries around the state.)

  • Dakota County Probate Court, from the First District courts.
  • Estates, from the Second District (Ramsey County) courts. An excellent introduction to probate.
  • Estates, from the Fourth District (Hennepin County) courts.
  • General Probate Information, from the Fourth District (Hennepin County) courts. Includes a discussion of the rules on depositing a will with the court, both before and after the Testator's death.
  • Last Will and Testaments , from the Battered Women's Legal Advocacy Project.
  • Minnesota Estate Administration Deskbook, 4th ed. (Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2012) Reserve Room KFM5547 .M5 2012. This book does an excellent job of outlining the estate administration process including the duties and responsibilities of a personal representative.
  • Probate and Planning, from the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General.
  • Probate/Wills/Estates, from the Self-Help Center. Includes forms.
  • Settling the vehicle and driver’s license records of a deceased family member , from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services Division.
  • Uniform Conveyancing Blanks, forms from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Includes personal representatives' deeds.
  • Resources, general: (Print resources are available at the Law Library and in county law libraries around the state.)

  • Books on Wills, Trusts and Probate for Non-Lawyers, from the Minnesota State Law Library.
  • Estate Planning, from FindLaw.
  • Estate Planning FAQs, from the American Bar Association.
  • Gallanis, Thomas. Estates, Future Interests, and Powers of Appointment in a nutshell, 5th ed. (NBI) KF 605 .G34 2014 .
  • Haberman, Kristin. Probate Process from Start to Finish (NBI) KFM 5544 . H32 2013.
  • Wills, from Nolo.
  • Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts & Probate, from Nolo.
  • Wills for Heroes, provides essential legal documents free of charge to our nation's first responders, including wills, living wills, and powers of attorney.
  • Who inherits when there is no will?

  • Intestate Succession is found in Article 2 of the Uniform Probate Code, Chapter 524 in Minnesota Statutes.
  • Intestate Succession is also a subheading under the topic of Descent and Distribution in Minnesota Statutes
  • For more context and explanation, see Part I, Intestate Succession, of the article on Decedents' Estates in Dunnell Minnesota Digest, Minnesota's legal encyclopedia.
  • Contesting a will.

  • Chapter 6, Minnesota Estate Administration Deskbook, 3rd ed. (Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2007) Reserve Room KFM5547 .M5 2007.
  • Dunnell Minnesota Digest article on Decedents' Estates, section 7.05.
  • Contesting a Will, from Nolo.
  • Related Topics: Genealogy; Transfer on Death Deed, Trusts

    DISCLAIMER:  As librarians and not lawyers, we can suggest resources but cannot give legal advice (such as which form to file), or legal opinions, (such as how a statute might apply to particular facts.)  To do so could be considered the unauthorized practice of law.  Even though we try to suggest materials that will be of help, further research is usually required to find a complete and correct answer.  For many questions, the best answer may be to consult an attorney.  For links to resources on finding an attorney click here.

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    Minnesota State Law Library: Legal Topics: Wills and Probate

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