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Trial Practice and Advocacy Treatises

American Jurisprudence Trials. (West Group, 1964-) KF8915 .A43. Multi-volume, updated through 2007.

Bergman, Paul. Trial Advocacy in a Nutshell, 5th ed. (West, 2013) KF8915.Z9 B47 2013. Student-level.

Federal Trial Handbook: Civil, (Thomson West, 2003-) KF8915 .H851. Multi-volume, updated.

Federal Trial Handbook: Criminal, (Thomson West, 2003-) KF9656 .H85. Multi-volume, updated.

Givens, Richard A. Advocacy, the Art of Pleading a Cause, 3rd ed. (Shepard's/McGraw-Hill, 1992) KF8915 .G55 1992. Multi-volume.

Haydock, Roger S. and John Songsteng. Trial: Advocacy Before Judges, Jurors, and Arbitrators, 2nd ed. (West Group, 1999) KF8915 .H379 1999. Student-level..

Hegland, Kenney F. Trial and Clinical Skills in a Nutshell, 4th ed. (Thomson/West, 2005) KF8915.Z9 H43 2005. Student-level.

Lane, Fred. Lane's Goldstein Trial Technique, 3rd ed. (Callaghan, 1984-) KF8915 .G62. Multi-volume, updated.

Sandler, Paul Mark. Anatomy of a Trial: a Handbook for Young Lawyers. (American Bar Association, 2011) KF8915 .S24 2011. Single-volume.


Haydock, Roger S., et al. Methods of Practice: Civil Advocacy (Thomson/West, 2003) KFM5480 .M53 vol. 5. (vol. 5 Minnesota Practice). Single-volume, updated.

Minnesota State District Court Civil Practice Deskbook (Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2009-) KFM5930 .M565 2009. Single-volume.

Trial Handbook for Minnesota Lawyers (West, annual) KF5480 .M53 vol.23. (vol. 23 Minnesota Practice). Single-volume, updated.

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