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Question: What's new in the world of Minnesota county law libraries?
Answer: The Minnesota Law Libraries Self-Help Network

As part of a continuing and growing effort to provide self-help legal resources to self-represented litigants; the Minnesota State Law Library is offering a statewide negotiated contract for Westlaw services with attractive pricing. Participation in the Minnesota Law Libraries Self-Help Network includes Westlaw access at the county law library and additional public access to Westlaw through one terminal located in the local public library system. The network also provides the services of a circuit riding law librarian to help address connectivity issues, marketing and training of public library staff.

The availability of legal research materials at the public library will provide greater access to self-represented litigants by offering more flexible hours and the availability of staff. In addition to assisting with online searching, public library staff can also provide appropriate referrals to legal and social agencies.

The Minnesota Law Libraries Self-Help Network is an outgrowth of the efforts by the Statewide Law Library/Self-Help Center Project Advisory Workgroup. The full report of the workgroup can be found here.

For additional information on the Minnesota Law Libraries Self-Help Network contact:

Susan Larson
CLLP Coordinator
Minnesota State Law Library

NOTE: This program is designed to complement pro se initiatives of the Judicial Branch which is currently installing PC workstations in the 87 county courthouses (some located in county law libraries) for public access to court forms and legal information at www.mncourts.gov/selfhelp. These workstations do not have Westlaw.

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