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(Titles with the call number of "Internet Resource" can be accessed directly from within the Minnesota Judicial Center. Off site access is available through http://www.elm4you.org/ using your public library barcode. Select the Databases tab, then the eBook collection.)

Ackerman, Laurence D. Identity is Destiny: leadership and the roots of value creation. (Berrett-Koehler Pub., 2000) Internet Resource.

Ackerman-Anderson, Linda S. The Change Leader's Roadmap: how to navigate your organization's transformation. (Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2001) Internet Resource.

Baldoni, John. Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders. (McGraw-Hill, 2005) Internet Resource.

Baldwin, David Bryan and Curt Grayson. Influence: gaining commitment, getting results. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2004) BF637.L4 B34 2004.

Barnes, John A. John F. Kennedy on Leadership: the lessons and legacy of a president. (AMACOM, American Management Association, 2005) Internet Resource.

Baum, David H. Lightning in a Bottle: proven lessons for leading change. (Dearborn, 2000) Internet Resource.

Blank, Warren. The 108 Skills of Natural Born Leaders. (AMACOM, 2001) Internet Resource.

Bunker, Kerry A. Leading with Authenticity in Times of Transition. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2005) HD58.8 .B864 2005.

Chandler, Steve. 100 Ways to Motivate Others: how great leaders can produce insane results without driving people crazy. (Career Press, 2005) Internet Resource.

Collins, James C. Good to Great: why some companies make the leap--and others don't. (HarperBusiness, 2001) HD57.7 .C645 2001. With the companion volume: Collins, James C. Good to Great and the Social Sectors: why business thinking is not the answer. (J. Collins, 2005) HD57.7 .C6452 2005.

Harkins, Philip J. Powerful Conversations: how high impact leaders communicate. (McGraw-Hill, 1999) Internet Resource.

Hiatt, Jeff. ADKAR: a model for change in business, government, and our community. (Prosci Learning Center Publications, 2006) HD58.8 .H53 2006.

Hoover, John. Unleashing Leadership: aligning what people do best with what organizations need most. (Career Press, 2005) Internet Resource.

Hughes, Richard L. Becoming a Strategic Leader: your role in your organization's enduring success. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2005) HD57.7 .H84 2005.

Jacobson, Ralph. Leading for a Change: how to master the 5 challenges faced by every leader. (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000) Internet Resource.

Klann, Gene. Crisis Leadership: using military lessons, organizational experiences, and the power of influence3 to lessen the impact of chaos on the people you lead. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2003) HD57.7 .K547 2003.

Kossler, Michael E. Leading Dispersed Teams. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2004) HD66 .K68 2004.

Kurke, Lance B. The wisdom of Alexander the Great: enduring leadership lessons from the man who created an empire. (American Management Association, 2004) Internet Resource.

Leadership and Self-deception: getting out of the box. (Berrett-Koehler, 2000) Internet Resource.

Lee, Robert J. Discovering the Leader in You: a guide to realizing your personal leadership potential. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2001) Internet Resource.

Literature and the Profession: leadership and the implications of power. (Supreme Court Continuing Education, 2000) HM141 .L42 2000. Contents: The death of Ivan Ilyich / Leo Tolstoy -- Billy Budd, sailor / Herman Melville -- The congressman who loved Flaubert / Ward Just.

Lombardi, Vince. What it takes to be #1: Vince Lombardi on leadership. (McGraw-Hill, 2001) Internet Resource.

Mackoff, Barbara and Gary Wenet. The Inner Work of Leaders: leadership as a habit of mind. (AMACOM, 2000) Internet Resource.

Martineau, Jennifer. Preparing for Development: making the most of formal leadership programs. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2001) HD57.7 .M39 2001.

McHugh, Donald E. Golf and the Game of Leadership: an 18-hole guide for success in business and in life. (AMACOM, 2004) Internet Resource.

McKenna, Patrick J. and David H. Maister. First Among Equals: how to manage a group of professionals. (Free Press, 2002) HD66 .M3946 2002.

Messner, Reinhold. Moving Mountains: lessons on life and leadership. (Executive Excellence Pub., 2001) Internet Resource.

Perkins, Dennis N. T. Leading at the Edge: leadership lessons from the extraordinary saga of Shackleton's Antarctic expedition. (Amacom, 2000) Internet Resource.

Quirk, Michael P. and Patricia M. Fandt. The 2nd Language of Leadership. (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000) Internet Resource.

Ruderman, Marian N. and Patricia J. Ohlott. Learning from Life: turning life's lessons into leadership experience. (Center for Creative Leadership, 2004) HD57.7 .R74 2004.

Slater, Robert and Jack Welch. Jack Welch on Leadership. (McGraw-Hill, 2004) Internet Resource.

Wooden, John R. Wooden on Leadership. (McGraw-Hill, 2005) Internet Resource.


Heineman, Ben W., Jr. "Law and Leadership." 56 Journal of Legal Education 596-614 (December 2006).

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Jerry, Robert H., II. "Reflections on Leadership." 38 The University of Toledo Law Review 539-45 (Winter 2007).

Schneider, Andrea Kupfer, Catherine H. Tinsley, Sandra Cheldelin and Emily T. Amanatullah. "Leadership and Lawyering Lessons from the 2008 Elections." 30 Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy 581-603 (Spring 2009).

Shepard, Randall T. "The Changing Nature of Judicial Leadership." 42 Indiana Law Review 767-72 (2009).

Wines, William Arthur. "Observations on Leadership: Moral and Otherwise." 43 The John Marshall Law Review 159-214 (Fall 2009).


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