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Judges and Job Stress


Adams, Lorraine Moore. Development of a Stress Reduction and Assistance Program for the Michigan Judiciary. (National Center for State Courts, Northeastern Regional Center, 1991) Micro Coll Shelved by NCSC number NERO-252.

To Find More: The Library of Congress subject heading Judges - Job Stress can be searched in our online catalog and in any other library catalog that uses these subject headings.


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Celeste F. Bremer, Got stress?, 87 Judicature 247 (March/April 2004).

Celeste. F. Bremer, Reducing Judicial Stress through Mentoring, 87 Judicature 244 (March/April 2004).
Written by a U.S. magistrate judge in the Southern District of Iowa, this article describes sources of stress and several coping strategies. It also explains a study of two groups of judges in the 2001 FJC's New Judge Orientation Course and how they responded to surveys on judicial occupational stress.

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To Find More: In Index to Legal Periodicals and Books, there are subject headings both for Job Stress and for Judges.


Judicial Assistance Initiative , from the ABA. Includes links to online articles.

Judicial Family Institute, from the Conference of Chief Justices and the National Center for State Courts.

Minnesota State Law Library: Judges and Job Stress

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