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Zoning and Land Use Law Treatises

Burke, Barlow. Understanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls, 2nd ed. (LexisNexis, 2009) KF5698 .B87 2009. Student-level.

Juergensmeyer, Julian Conrad. Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law, 3rd ed. (Thomson West, 2012) KF5692 .J84 2012. Single-volume.

Nolon, John R. Climate Change and Sustainable Development Law in a Nutshell. (West, 2011) KF3783 .N65 2011. Student-level.

Nolon, John R. Land Use in a Nutshell, 5th ed. (Thomson/West, 2006) KF5698.Z9 N65 2006. Student-level.

Sackman, Julius L. Nichols on Eminent Domain, Rev. 3d ed. (M. Bender, 1997) KF5599.A6 N5. Multi-volume, updated.

Williams, Norman. American Land Planning Law. (Thomson/West, 2003) KF5698 .W54 2003. Multi-volume, updated.

Young, Kenneth H. Anderson's American Law of Zoning, 4th ed. (Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1996-2007) KF5698 .A76 1996. Multi-volume.

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Minnesota State Law Library: Zoning and Land Use Law Treatises

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