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Statutory Interpretation Treatises

Davies, Jack. Legislative Law and Process in a Nutshell, 3rd ed. (Thomson West, 2007) KF4933.Z9 D38 2007. Student-level.

Dickerson, Frederick Reed. The Interpretation and Application of Statutes. (Little, Brown, 1975) Supreme Court Collection KF425 .D5. Single-volume.

Elhauge, Einer. Statutory Default Rules: How to Interpret Unclear Legislation. (Harvard University Press, 2008) KF425 .E44 2008. Single-volume.

Singer, Norman J. Statutes and Statutory Construction, 7th ed. (Thomson Group, 2007) KF425 .S25. Multi-volume, updated.

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Minnesota State Law Library: Statutory Interpretation Treatises

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